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这些函数的行为受 php.ini 中的设置影响。

Swoole 配置选项
名字 默认 可修改范围 更新日志
swoole.aio_thread_num 2 PHP_INI_ALL
swoole.display_errors On PHP_INI_ALL
swoole.fast_serialize Off PHP_INI_ALL
swoole.unixsock_buffer_size 8388608 PHP_INI_ALL
swoole.use_namespace On PHP_INI_SYSTEM


swoole.aio_thread_num integer

POSIX asynchronous I/O thread number

swoole.display_errors string

This determines whether Swoole errors should be printed to the screen.

swoole.fast_serialize string

Whether to enable Swoole fast_serialize.

swoole.unixsock_buffer_size integer

Buffer size of Unix socket.

swoole.use_namespace string

Whether to use PHP namespaces

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