(PHP 4 >= 4.0.2, PHP 5, PHP 7)

ezmlm_hashBerechnet den Hash-Wert, der von EZMLM benötigt wird


Diese Funktion ist seit PHP 7.4.0 als DEPRECATED (veraltet) markiert und wurde in PHP 8.0.0 ENTFERNT. Von der Verwendung dieser Funktion wird dringend abgeraten.


ezmlm_hash(string $addr): int

ezmlm_hash() berechnet den Hash-Wert, der benötigt wird, wenn EZMLM-Mailinglisten in einer MySQL-Datenbank gespeichert werden.



Die E-Mail-Adresse, die gehasht werden soll.


Der Hash-Wert von addr.


Beispiel #1 Hash-Wert berechnen und einen Benutzer hinzufügen


= "joecool@example.com";
$hash = ezmlm_hash($user);
$query = sprintf("INSERT INTO beispiel VALUES (%s, '%s')", $hash, $user);
$db->query($query); // die PHPLIB-DB-Klasse wird benutzt


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Tim in SF
19 years ago
EZ Mailing List Manager (EZMLM) is a mailing list manager which allows users to create their own mailing lists with a single command.

It seems to require qmail.

thedragon at mediocreshit dot com
16 years ago
ezmlm will add a user to the list from a mail() call if you use the -f extra flag in the function.


The extra flag being a -t followed by no space and the email address you want the email to appear as though it's being sent from. I spent hours messing with this to try to allow users to sign up for my mailing list by marking a check box while signing up on my site, ezmlm ignored everything until I threw that extra parameter in there.

Hope this helps.
jens at NOSPAM dot rootsy dot nu
17 years ago
This is really ezmlm documentation, but I certanly would have been happy if I found it anywhere during my time of trial. I am not a Linux expert, as you probably will notice, so things I do/did that might sound incredibly stupid to those who do know. I blame hard-to-find documentation :)

I wanted a page where a visitor could add their address to my mailinglist. That shouldn't be too hard, or atleastso I thought...

First I tried mailing the mailinglist. For some reason, the mailinglist didn't see my "From:" -header and it failed miserably.

Then I tried to use system() to call ezmlm-sub, which only produced the error-code 111. That was an access problem. So, I tried making the mailinglist availible to the website, but the change in permissions caused the mailserver to malfunction (as opposed to mailfunction....). It took a while to sort that mess out.

I couldn't find any guide as howto add mysql-support. The big problem was how to know which tables was needed. Apperantly, this is all that is needed:

ezmlm-mktab listname | mysql -u root -p databasename

Then its just adding the mailinglist with mysql-support i qmailadmin. It doesn't seem to allow socket connection to the database, so iptables has to allow local connections to the mysql port.

Hope this helps someone.
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