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(PHP 8 >= 8.1.0)

Fiber::startStart execution of the fiber


public Fiber::start(mixed ...$args): mixed

A variadic list of arguments to provide to the callable used when constructing the fiber.

If the fiber has already been started when this method is called, a FiberError will be thrown.



The arguments to use when invoking the callable given to the fiber constructor.

Return Values

The value provided to the first call to Fiber::suspend() or null if the fiber returns. If the fiber throws an exception before suspending, it will be thrown from the call to this method.

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2 years ago
Maybe this helps wrapping your had around the start-suspend-resume-return circle:

$fiber = new Fiber(
function($one) {
$two = Fiber::suspend($one);
$three = Fiber::suspend($two);
$four = Fiber::suspend($three);
$five = Fiber::suspend($four);
$six = Fiber::suspend($five);
return $six;

print $fiber->start(1);
print $fiber->resume(2);
print $fiber->resume(3);
print $fiber->resume(4);
print $fiber->resume(5);
print $fiber->resume(6);
print $fiber->getReturn();

//prints 123456
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