PHP 8.2.4 Released!


XML-RPC support in PHP is not enabled by default. You will need to use the --with-xmlrpc[=DIR] configuration option when compiling PHP to enable XML-RPC support.

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giunta dot gaetano at gmail dot com
2 years ago
Here's what I had to do in order to install the xmlrpc extension on php 8 (from sury repos) on Ubuntu 16, as there is no package available via pecl or apt:

# build
git clone
export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/libxml2/
cd xmlrpc && phpize && ./configure --with-expat && make && make install

# enable - this varies depending on your configuration; apache/nginx/fpm will also need to be restarted
echo "" > /etc/php/8.0/mods-available/xmlrpc.ini
ln -s /etc/php/8.0/mods-available/xmlrpc.ini /etc/php/8.0/cli/conf.d/20-xmlrpc.ini
ln -s /etc/php/8.0/mods-available/xmlrpc.ini /etc/php/8.0/fpm/conf.d/20-xmlrpc.ini
georgemilojevic at gmail dot com
5 months ago
# For MacOS users (using M1 machine - Version: 12.5.1)

brew install pkg-config

pecl install channel://

Then restart your apache, the extensions should be automatically added to php.ini and the output of phpinfo() should show it now
15 days ago
Since PHP 8.0 the xmlrpc extension is not shipped with php any more.
Go to and download the latest version.

For linux you might use something like that:

$ wget
$ tar xfv
$ cd xmlrpc-1.0.0RC3
$ phpize && ./configure && make && make test && make install

Add the build extension in your php.ini section and don't forget to restart php-fpm or your webserver after the installation.

To verify the installation, you can use something like this (should at least return the line "xmlrpc"):
$ php -i | grep xmlrpc | grep -v "xmlrpc_error"
2 years ago
according to php(dot)watch/versions/8.0/xmlrpc ,
PHP 8.0: XMLRPC extension is moved to PECL

checked, xmlrpc-1.0.0RC2 works for me
2 years ago
for centos try:
yum install php-xmlrpc
11 months ago
Unless my host has deliberately installed it, PHP 8.0.17 still has xmlrpc included (1.0.0RC3).
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