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The MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException class

(mongodb >= 1.0.0)


Thrown when the driver encounters a runtime error (e.g. internal error from » libmongoc).

Sinopsis de la Clase

MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException extends RuntimeException implements MongoDB\Driver\Exception\Exception {
/* Propiedades */
protected bool $errorLabels ;
/* Propiedades heredadas */
protected string $message ;
protected int $code ;
protected string $file ;
protected int $line ;
/* Métodos */
final public hasErrorLabel ( string $errorLabel ) : bool
/* Métodos heredados */
final public Exception::getMessage ( void ) : string
final public Exception::getPrevious ( void ) : Throwable
final public Exception::getCode ( void ) : mixed
final public Exception::getFile ( void ) : string
final public Exception::getLine ( void ) : int
final public Exception::getTrace ( void ) : array
final public Exception::getTraceAsString ( void ) : string
public Exception::__toString ( void ) : string
final private Exception::__clone ( void ) : void



Contains an array of error labels to go with an exception. For example, error labels can be used to detect whether a transaction can be retried safely if the TransientTransactionError label is present. The existence of a specific error label should be tested for with the MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException::hasErrorLabel(), instead of interpreting this errorLabels property manually.

Historial de cambios

Versión Descripción

The MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException::hasErrorLabel() method and MongoDB\Driver\Exception\RuntimeException::errorLabels property have been added.

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