(PECL rnp >= 0.1.1)

rnp_ffi_set_pass_providerSet password provider callback function


rnp_ffi_set_pass_provider(RnpFFI $ffi, callable $password_callback): bool

Sets password provider function. This function can ask for the password on a standard input (if PHP script is executed in a command line environment), display GUI dialog or provide password in any other possible ways. Requested passwords are used to encrypt or decrypt secret keys or perform symmetric encryption/decryption operations.



The FFI object returned by rnp_ffi_create.


The function that is to be called for every password request. It has the following signature:

password_callback(string $key_fp, string $pgp_context, string &$password): bool
  • $key_fp - The key fingerprint, if any. Can be empty.
  • $pgp_context - String describing why the key is being requested.
  • $password - Password string reference where provided password should be stored to.
Callback function should return true if password was successfully set o false en caso de error.

Valores devueltos

Returns true on success o false en caso de error.


Ejemplo #1 simple callback function example

function password_callback(string $key_fp, string $pgp_context, string &$password)
$password = "password";


$ffi = rnp_ffi_create('GPG', 'GPG');

rnp_ffi_set_pass_provider($ffi, 'password_callback');

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