(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\Server::executeBulkWriteExecute one or more write operations on this server


final public MongoDB\Driver\Server::executeBulkWrite(string $namespace, MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite $bulk, array|MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern|null $options = null): MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult

Executes one or more write operations on this server.

A MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite can be constructed with one or more write operations of varying types (e.g. updates, deletes, and inserts). The driver will attempt to send operations of the same type to the server in as few requests as possible to optimize round trips.

The default value for the "writeConcern" option will be inferred from an active transaction (indicated by the "session" option), followed by the connection URI.


namespace (string)

Un espacio de nombres completamente cualificado (p. ej. "nombreBaseDatos.nombreColección").

bulk (MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite)

La/s escritura/s a ejecutar.


Option Type Description
session MongoDB\Driver\Session

Una sesión a asociar con la operación.

writeConcern MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern

Un asunto de escritura a aplicar a la operación.

Valores devueltos

Devuelve un MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult en caso de éxito.


Historial de cambios

Versión Descripción
PECL mongodb 1.4.4 MongoDB\Driver\Exception\InvalidArgumentException will be thrown if the "session" option is used in combination with an unacknowledged write concern.
PECL mongodb 1.4.0 The third parameter is now an options array. For backwards compatibility, this paramater will still accept a MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern object.
PECL mongodb 1.3.0 MongoDB\Driver\Exception\InvalidArgumentException is now thrown if bulk does not contain any write operations. Previously, a MongoDB\Driver\Exception\BulkWriteException was thrown.


Nota: Es responsabilidad del llamador asegurarse de que el servidor es capaz de ejecutar la operación de escritura. Por ejemplo, ejecutar un operación de escritura en un secundario (excluyendo su base de datos "local"), fallará.

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