La classe ReflectionNamedType

(PHP 7 >= 7.1.0, PHP 8)


Synopsis de la classe

class ReflectionNamedType extends ReflectionType {
/* Méthodes */
public getName(): string
public isBuiltin(): bool
/* Méthodes héritées */


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tuncdan dot ozdemir dot peng at gmail dot com
5 months ago
Editor note: This behaviour is due to BC concerns with PHP 7, and will likely be fixed in PHP 9.


PHP 8.3

interface AnyType {}
interface Type2 {}

function test (AnyType|null $param) {}

The ReflectionParameter will return ReflectionNamedType, NOT ReflectionUnionType (null is ignored basically).

However, function test (AnyType|Type2|null $param) {}

will return ReflectionUnionType with 3 types, NOT 2 (null is not ignored this time).

To me, this is just wrong and logical error in PHP.
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