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La classe RuntimeException

(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7, PHP 8)


Exception émise quand une erreur est rencontrée durant l'exécution.

Synopsis de la classe

class RuntimeException extends Exception {
/* Propriétés héritées */
protected string $message;
protected int $code;
protected string $file;
protected int $line;
/* Méthodes héritées */
public Exception::__construct(string $message = "", int $code = 0, ?Throwable $previous = null)
final public Exception::getMessage(): string
final public Exception::getCode(): int
final public Exception::getFile(): string
final public Exception::getLine(): int
final public Exception::getTrace(): array
final public Exception::getTraceAsString(): string
public Exception::__toString(): string
final private Exception::__clone(): void
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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

sricharan dot krishnan at gmail dot com
5 years ago
A simple example of using RuntimeException Class:-

Lets say we would be dividing two numbers and throw an exception as soon as the denominator is equal to zero.

= 10;
$iNum2 = 0;

if (
$iNum2 == 0){
throw new
RuntimeException("Division by Zero");
$iResult = $iNum1 / $iNum2;
echo (
"Division Result of \$iNum1 and $iNum2 = ".($iResult)."<br/>");
catch (
RuntimeException $e){
echo (
"Division by Zero is not possible");
Dawid Krysiak
10 years ago
Direct known subclasses (following the java docs convention (: ):
OutOfBoundsException, OverflowException, RangeException, UnderflowException, UnexpectedValueException
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