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Throwable est l'interface de base pour tout objet qui peut être jeté grâce à la déclaration throw en PHP 7, ceci inclus Error et Exception.


Les classes PHP ne peuvent pas directement implémenter l'interface Throwable, et doivent à la place étendre de Exception.

Sommaire de l'Interface

Throwable {
/* Méthodes */
abstract public getMessage ( void ) : string
abstract public getCode ( void ) : int
abstract public getFile ( void ) : string
abstract public getLine ( void ) : int
abstract public getTrace ( void ) : array
abstract public getTraceAsString ( void ) : string
abstract public getPrevious ( void ) : Throwable
abstract public __toString ( void ) : string


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mlocati at gmail dot com
3 years ago
I wrote a simple script that prints out the Throwable and Exception tree for every PHP version.

You can find this script here:

And its output is here:
thisbug at foxmail dot com
7 months ago
try {
// Code that may throw an Exception or Error.
} catch (Throwable $t) {
// Executed only in PHP 7, will not match in PHP 5.x
} catch (Exception $e) {
// Executed only in PHP 5.x, will not be reached in PHP 7

interface MyPackageThrowable extends Throwable {}

class MyPackageException extends Exception implements MyPackageThrowable {}

throw new MyPackageException();
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