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(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\BSON\toPHPReturns the PHP representation of a BSON value


MongoDB\BSON\toPHP(string $bson, array $typeMap = array()): array|object

Unserializes a BSON document (i.e. binary string) to its PHP representation. The typeMap paramater may be used to control the PHP types used for converting BSON arrays and documents (both root and embedded).


Fields containing deprecated BSON types (i.e. undefined, symbol, DBPointer) are represented only by bare-bones objects of the classes MongoDB\BSON\Undefined, MongoDB\BSON\Symbol, and MongoDB\BSON\DBPointer, when converting BSON to PHP. These objects are created from BSON data and used for storing these types back into the database, but can not be instantiated as they have a private constructor.

Liste de paramètres

bson (string)

BSON value to be unserialized.

typeMap (array)

Configuration du type de carte.

Valeurs de retour

The unserialized PHP value.

Erreurs / Exceptions


Version Description
PECL mongodb 1.4.0

If the input contains an unsupported, deprecated BSON type, the driver will now no longer log a warning to the debug log, but instead will create an object representing this type.

PECL mongodb 1.3.2

MongoDB\Driver\Exception\UnexpectedValueException is no longer thrown if the input contains an unsupported, deprecated BSON type. Such types will be ignored (as they were in versions before 1.3.0), although the driver will now log a warning to the debug log (see: mongodb.debug).

PECL mongodb 1.3.0

MongoDB\Driver\Exception\UnexpectedValueException is thrown if the input contains an unsupported, deprecated BSON type. Previously, such types were ignored.


Exemple #1 MongoDB\BSON\toPHP() example


$value MongoDB\BSON\toPHP($bson);


L'exemple ci-dessus va afficher :

object(stdClass)#1 (1) {

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