The LuaSandboxFunction class

(PECL luasandbox >= 1.0.0)


Represents a Lua function, allowing it to be called from PHP.

A LuaSandboxFunction may be obtained as a return value from Lua, as a parameter passed to a callback from Lua, or by using LuaSandbox::wrapPhpFunction(), LuaSandbox::loadString(), or LuaSandbox::loadBinary().

Resumo da classe

class LuaSandboxFunction {
/* Métodos */
public call(string ...$args): array|bool
public dump(): string


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npelov at croler dot net
7 months ago
You can also pass function object as argument of LuaSandboxFunction::call():

$lua = new LuaSandbox();
$phpLuaFunction = $lua->wrapPhpFunction(function ($arg){
echo "LUA> ".$arg;

$lua->loadString("print = ...")->call($phpLuaFunction);

print("print test from lua\\n")

LUA> print test from lua
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