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The MongoDB\BSON\Undefined class (deprecated)

(mongodb >=1.4.0)


BSON type for the "Undefined" type. This BSON type is deprecated, and this class can not be instantiated. It will be created from a BSON undefined type while converting BSON to PHP, and can also be converted back into BSON while storing documents in the database.

Resumo da classe

final class MongoDB\BSON\Undefined implements MongoDB\BSON\Type, Serializable, JsonSerializable, Stringable {
/* Métodos */
final private __construct()
final public jsonSerialize(): mixed
final public serialize(): string
final public __toString(): string
final public unserialize(string $data): void

Registro de Alterações

Versão Descrição
PECL mongodb 1.12.0 Implements Stringable for PHP 8.0+.


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