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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

bind_textdomain_codesetEspecifica ou obtém a codificação de caracteres na qual as mensagens do catálogo de mensagens de DOMÍNIO serão retornadas


bind_textdomain_codeset(string $domain, ?string $codeset): string|false

bind_textdomain_codeset() permite definir ou obter a codificação na qual as mensagens de domain serão retornadas por gettext() e funções similares.



O domínio.


O conjunto de caracteres. Se null, a codificação atualmente definida é retornada.

Valor Retornado

Uma string em caso de sucesso.

Registro de Alterações

Versão Descrição
8.0.3 codeset agora pode ser nulo. Anteriormente, não era possível recuperar a codificação definida.



A informação de bind_textdomain_codeset() é mantida por processo, não por thread.

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

duckx at mezimail dot com
20 years ago
First the the url of the gettext manual changed:

Secondly, lets explain a little bit what this fonction does.
By default, gettext will use the LC_CTYPE of the language you choose (for example fr_FR).
This LC_CTYPE is extracted from your locales.alias file in your configuration dir (Should be /etc/locales.alias).
By default, the encoding is frequently iso-8859-1.

So if you want to make your site utf-8 aware, you need to bind your domain with the right encoding.
Here is a sample:
setlocale(LC_MESSAGES, $locale);
$domain = 'your_text_domain';
bindtextdomain($domain, './translations_path');
bind_textdomain_codeset($domain, 'UTF-8');


As quoted in other notes, the translations path should be like

Your translation goes in the LC_MESSAGES dirs ... Hopes this helps :)
jon at rejon dot org
17 years ago
So, by using this function and by setting the LANGUAGE variable, you should be able to have a functioning i18n system that is not dependent upon a system's locale installation. Here is a sample from a method I created for a language class. Look for it on soon:

function Init ()
// set the LANGUAGE environmental variable
// This one for some reason makes a difference FU@#$%^&*!CK
// and when combined with bind_textdomain_codeset allows one
// to set locale independent of server locale setup!!!
if ( false == putenv("LANGUAGE=" . $this->_language ) )
CCDebug::Log(sprintf("Could not set the ENV variable LANGUAGE = %s",

// set the LANG environmental variable
if ( false == putenv("LANG=" . $this->_language ) )
CCDebug::Log(sprintf("Could not set the ENV variable LANG = %s",

// if locales are not installed in locale folder, they will not
// get set! This is usually in /usr/lib/locale
// Also, the backup language should always be the default language
// because of this...see the NOTE in the class description

// Try first what we want but with the .utf8, which is what the locale
// setting on most systems want (and is most compatible
// Then just try the standard lang encoding asked for, and then if
// all else fails, just try the default language
// LC_ALL is said to be used, but it has nasty usage in some languages
// in swapping commas and periods! Thus try LC_MESSAGE if on one of
// those systems.
// It is supposedly not defined on WINDOWS, so am including it here
// for possible uncommenting if a problem is shown
// if (!defined('LC_MESSAGES')) define('LC_MESSAGES', 6);
// yes, setlocale is case-sensitive...arg
$locale_set = setlocale(LC_ALL, $this->_language . ".utf8",
$this->_language . ".UTF8",
$this->_language . ".utf-8",
$this->_language . ".UTF-8",
// if we don't get the setting we want, make sure to complain!
if ( ( $locale_set != $this->_language && CC_LANG == $locale_set) ||
empty($locale_set) )
sprintf("Tried: setlocale to '%s', but could only set to '%s'.", $this->_language, $locale_set) );

$bindtextdomain_set = bindtextdomain($this->_domain,
CC_LANG_LOCALE . "/" . $this->_locale_pref );
if ( empty($bindtextdomain_set) )
sprintf("Tried: bindtextdomain, '%s', to directory, '%s', " .
"but received '%s'",
$this->_domain, CC_LANG_LOCALE . "/" . $this->_locale_pref,
$bindtextdomain_set) );

bind_textdomain_codeset($this->_domain, "UTF-8");
$textdomain_set = textdomain($this->_domain);
if ( empty($textdomain_set) )
CCDebug::Log(sprintf("Tried: set textdomain to '%s', but got '%s'",
$this->_domain, $textdomain_set));

} // end of method Init ()
przemekkus at interia dot pl
18 years ago
I had problems with German "umlauts" when using gettext. So, this is how it can be resolved:

I've put these lines itom my PHP code:

$domain = "messages";
bindtextdomain($domain, "path_to_messages_dir");
bind_textdomain_codeset($domain, 'ISO-8859-15');

It works!
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