PHP 8.2.0 Alpha 2 available for testing


(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

ignore_user_abortEstabelece se acontecerá o encerramento do script quando o usuário abortar a conexão


ignore_user_abort(bool $setting = ?): int

Estabelece se um cliente desconectado causa abortagem da conexão.



Se não é definido, a função irá somente retorna a configuração atual.

Valor Retornado

Retorna a configuração anterior, como booleano.


PHP não irá detectar que o usuário tenha abortado a conexão até tentar enviar alguma informação para o cliente. Simplesmente usando um comando echo não é garantido que a informação seja enviada, veja flush().

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spiritual-coder at spiritual-coder dot com
15 years ago
If you want to simulate a crontask you must call this script once and it will keep running forever (during server uptime) in the background while "doing something" every specified seconds (= $interval):

(1); // run script in background
set_time_limit(0); // run script forever
$interval=60*15; // do every 15 minutes...
// add the script that has to be ran every 15 minutes here
   // ...
sleep($interval); // wait 15 minutes
lukas dot starecek at centrum dot cz
12 years ago
Comment from Anonymous is not 100% valid. Time from sleep function is not counted to execution time because sleep delays program execution (see and comments). We tested it and it's true. Try this:


'bye bye!';


It means, that if the loop most of the time will be at sleep (and in this case it probably be), then this script may be active for months or years even if you set time limit to one day.
12 years ago
use the spiritual-coder's code below with exreme caution and do not use it unless you are an advanced user.

first of all, such a code with no bypass point can cause infinite loops and ghost threads in server. there must be a trick to break out the loop.

i.e. you can use  if (file_exists(dirname(__FILE__)."stop.txt")) break; in the loop so if you create "stop.txt", she script will stop execution.

also if you use set_time_limit(86400); instead of set_time_limit(0); your script will stop after one day.
7 years ago
It seems that this function does not work for IIS servers.

A detailed description can be found on the PHP Bug Tracking System:
Charlie Brown
7 years ago
If running a long process and the browser often close the connection, then use this function.
plamen at pulsator dot com
21 years ago
The script should output something to the browser in order to abort. If there is no output the script keeps on running.
phpguy92135 at yahoo dot com
13 years ago
Theres no point in sending anything to the browser if the user does abort.  Since the user aborted, the browser wont listen even if PHP did send information to the browser.

If you want to see if the user did abort, then use error_log() or some other form of logging to find out what happened, but dont rely on the output to the browser as the only method of checking ones data.
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