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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

xml_set_default_handlerSet up default handler


xml_set_default_handler(XMLParser $parser, callable $handler): true

Sets the default handler function for the XML parser parser.



O analisador XML.


Se null ou uma string vazia for passada, o manipulador será redefinido para seu estado padrão.

Se handler for um callable, o callable será definido como o manipulador.

Se handler for uma string, ela pode ser o nome de um método de um objet definido com xml_set_object().

The signature of the handler must be:

handler(XMLParser $parser, string $data): void
O analisador XML que chama o manipulador.
data contains the character data. This may be the XML declaration, document type declaration, entities or other data for which no other handler exists.

Valor Retornado

Sempre retorna true.

Registro de Alterações

Versão Descrição
8.0.0 O parâmetro parser agora espera uma instância de XMLParser; anteriormente, um resource xml válido era esperado.
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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

jp dot amarok at email dot cz
2 months ago
For anyone who was also wondering what kind of events this function actually handles:

it's used in cases when an XML comment is found or an additional declaration like an xml-stylesheet. In such cases the data argument contains the whole string as it is, for example:

<!-- this is a comment -->
<?xml-stylesheet title="mystyle" type="text/xsl" href="style.xsl" ?>
19 years ago
it seems to me that in PHP5 the function defined as default-handler (using xml_set_default_handler()) doesen't get passed the cdata anymore:

xml_set_element_handler($this->parser, 'parseSTART', 'parseEND');
xml_set_default_handler($this->parser, 'parseDEFAULT');
function parseSTART() { ... }
function parseEND() { ... }
function parseDEFAULT() { ... }

under PHP5, parseDEFAULT will NOT get passed any cdata, but unter PHP4 it will. at least that's my take on the strange stuff (not) happening after migrating to PHP5.

my solution was to add a xml_set_character_data_handler($parser, 'parseDEFAULT'). it worked for me.
anoril at anoril dot com
17 years ago
I have the same issue using two installation of PHP5: on accepts to use the default handler while the other only uses the character_data one.

Maybe a configuration problem...

;) Nonor.
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