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CollectionRemove::bindBind value to placeholder


public mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove::bind ( array $placeholder_values ) : mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove

Bind a parameter to the placeholder in the search condition of the remove operation.

The placeholder has the form of :NAME where ':' is a common prefix that must always exists before any NAME where NAME is the name of the placeholder. The bind method accepts a list of placeholders if multiple entities have to be substituted in the search condition of the remove operation.


Esta função não está documentada; somente a lista de argumentos está disponível.



Placeholder values to substitute in the search condition. Multiple values are allowed and have to be passed as an array of mappings PLACEHOLDER_NAME->PLACEHOLDER_VALUE.

Valor Retornado

A CollectionRemove object that can be used to execute the command, or to add additional operations.


Exemplo #1 mysql_xdevapi\CollectionRemove::bind() example


$coll->remove('age > :age_from and age < :age_to')->bind(['age_from' => 20'age_to' => 50])->limit(7)->execute();

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