PHP 8.0.26 Released!


Para instalar a extensão mysqli para o PHP, use a opção de configuração --with-mysqli=mysql_config_path/mysql_config aonde mysql_config_path representa a localização do programa mysql_config que vem com versões do MySQL maiores do que 4.1.

Se você quiser instalar a extensão mysql junto com a extensão mysqli você tem que usar a mesma biblioteca de cliente para previnir quaisquer conflitos.

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David dot Kit dot Friedman at gmail dot com
13 years ago
>On Windows, PHP is most commonly installed using the binary installer. Once PHP has been installed, some >configuration is required to enable mysqli and specify the client library you want it to use.

Basically, if you want to add extensions you can double-click again on the installer file. The installer will find the already installed PHP and will ask if you want to change the installation.

When you go through the prompts it will take you back to the list of extensions and you can pick which extensions you want to add.

For the mysqli extension the installer also edited php.ini so that the extension was enabled:


the installer added those lines to the end of the file.
6 months ago
To install mysqli (I was using Ubuntu 20.04):

apt install php-mysqli
3 months ago
apt-get install php-mysqlnd

with Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS and PHP 8.1.2 (cli)
on docker.
6 months ago
Installation on Alt Simply Linux 10:
1. apt-cache search php | grep mysql
2. sudo apt-get install php8.1-mysqlnd-mysqli
Mark F
11 years ago
Just to note with regards to SSL and compression. MySQLnd and thus extensions using mysqlnd such as mysqli... now supports SSL and compression. Both have been supported inside mysqlnd since PHP 5.3.3 -
3 years ago
In Windows 10 if mysqli is not working in PHP 7.3 you should add PHP directory to the PATH and restart your web server. This behavior was not there in PHP 7.0.27.
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