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CollectionFind::bindBind value to query placeholder


public mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::bind(array $placeholder_values): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind

It allows the user to bind a parameter to the placeholder in the search condition of the find operation. The placeholder has the form of :NAME where ':' is a common prefix that must always exists before any NAME, NAME is the actual name of the placeholder. The bind function accepts a list of placeholders if multiple entities have to be substituted in the search condition.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


Values to substitute in the search condition; multiple values are allowed and are passed as an array where "PLACEHOLDER_NAME => PLACEHOLDER_VALUE".

Dönen Değerler

A CollectionFind object, or chain with execute() to return a Result object.


Örnek 1 mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::bind() example

= mysql_xdevapi\getSession("mysqlx://user:password@localhost");
$session->sql("DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS addressbook")->execute();
$session->sql("CREATE DATABASE addressbook")->execute();

$schema = $session->getSchema("addressbook");
$create = $schema->createCollection("people");
$result = $create
->add('{"name": "Alfred", "age": 18, "job": "Butler"}')

// ...

$collection = $schema->getCollection("people");

$result = $collection
->find('job like :job and age > :age')
bind(['job' => 'Butler', 'age' => 16])


Yukarıdaki örnek şuna benzer bir çıktı üretir:

array(1) {
  array(4) {
    string(28) "00005b6b536100000000000000cf"
    string(6) "Butler"
    string(6) "Alfred"
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