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CollectionFind::groupBySet grouping criteria


public mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::groupBy(string $sort_expr): mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind

This function can be used to group the result-set by one more columns, frequently this is used with aggregate functions like COUNT,MAX,MIN,SUM etc.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


The columns or columns that have to be used for the group operation, this can either be a single string or an array of string arguments, one for each column.

Dönen Değerler

A CollectionFind that can be used for further processing


Örnek 1 mysql_xdevapi\CollectionFind::groupBy() example


//Assuming $coll is a valid Collection object

//Extract all the documents from the Collection and group the results by the 'name' field
$res = $coll->find()->groupBy('name')->execute();

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