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(PECL rar >= 2.0.0)

RarEntry::isDirectoryTest whether an entry represents a directory


public RarEntry::isDirectory(): bool

Tests whether the current entry is a directory.

Bağımsız Değişkenler

Bu işlevin bağımsız değişkeni yoktur.

Dönen Değerler

Returns true if this entry is a directory and false otherwise.


This function is only available starting with version 2.0.0, but one can also test whether an entry is a directory by checking the entry attributes, like this (only works for files compressed in RAR for Windows or Unix):

//Open file, get entry and store in variable $e...

$isDirectory = (bool) ((($e->getHostOs() == RAR_HOST_WIN32) && ($e->getAttr() & 0x10)) ||
$e->getHostOs() == RAR_HOST_UNIX) && (($e->getAttr() & 0xf000) == 0x4000)));

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