The VarnishAdmin class

(PECL varnish >= 0.3)



class VarnishAdmin {
/* 方法 */
public auth(): bool
public ban(string $vcl_regex): int
public banUrl(string $vcl_regex): int
public clearPanic(): int
public connect(): bool
public __construct(array $args = ?)
public disconnect(): bool
public getPanic(): string
public getParams(): array
public isRunning(): bool
public setCompat(int $compat): void
public setHost(string $host): void
public setIdent(string $ident): void
public setParam(string $name, string|int $value): int
public setPort(int $port): void
public setSecret(string $secret): void
public setTimeout(int $timeout): void
public start(): int
public stop(): int


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