(mongodb >=1.5.0)

MongoDB\Driver\Session::startTransactionStarts a transaction


final public MongoDB\Driver\Session::startTransaction(?array $options = null): void

Starts a multi-document transaction associated with the session. At any given time, you can have at most one open transaction for a session. After starting a transaction, the session object must be passed to each operation via the "session" option (e.g. MongoDB\Driver\Manager::executeBulkWrite()) in order to associate that operation with the transaction.

Transactions can be committed through MongoDB\Driver\Session::commitTransaction(), and aborted with MongoDB\Driver\Session::abortTransaction(). Transactions are also automatically aborted when the session is closed from garbage collection or by explicitly calling MongoDB\Driver\Session::endSession().



Options can be passed as argument to this method. Each element in this options array overrides the corresponding option from the "defaultTransactionOptions" option, if set when starting the session with MongoDB\Driver\Manager::startSession().

Option Type Description
maxCommitTimeMS integer

The maximum amount of time in milliseconds to allow a single commitTransaction command to run.

If specified, maxCommitTimeMS must be a signed 32-bit integer greater than or equal to zero.

readConcern MongoDB\Driver\ReadConcern

A read concern to apply to the operation.

This option is available in MongoDB 3.2+ and will result in an exception at execution time if specified for an older server version.

readPreference MongoDB\Driver\ReadPreference

A read preference to use for selecting a server for the operation.

writeConcern MongoDB\Driver\WriteConcern

A write concern to apply to the operation.





版本 说明
PECL mongodb 1.6.0

The "maxCommitTimeMS" option was added.


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