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The Parle\Parser class

(PECL parle >= 0.5.1)


Parser class. Rules can be defined on the fly. Once finalized, a Parle\Lexer instance is required to deliver the token stream.


class Parle\Parser {
/* Konstanten */
const int ACTION_ERROR = 0;
const int ACTION_SHIFT = 1;
const int ACTION_REDUCE = 2;
const int ACTION_GOTO = 3;
const int ACTION_ACCEPT = 4;
const int ERROR_SYNTAX = 0;
/* Eigenschaften */
public int $action = 0;
public int $reduceId = 0;
/* Methoden */
public advance(): void
public build(): void
public consume(string $data, Parle\Lexer $lexer): void
public dump(): void
public left(string $tok): void
public nonassoc(string $tok): void
public precedence(string $tok): void
public push(string $name, string $rule): int
public reset(int $tokenId = ?): void
public right(string $tok): void
public sigil(int $idx): string
public sigilCount(): int
public sigilName(int $idx): string
public token(string $tok): void
public tokenId(string $tok): int
public trace(): string
public validate(string $data, Parle\Lexer $lexer): bool



Current parser action that matches one of the action class constants, readonly.


Grammar rule id just processed in the reduce action. The value corresponds either to a token or to a production id. Readonly.


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