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(PECL event >= 1.2.6-beta)

EventDnsBase::__constructConstructs EventDnsBase object


public EventDnsBase::__construct( EventBase $base , int|bool $initialize )

Constructs EventDnsBase object.



Event base.


If initialize is true, it attempts to use the underlying operating system defaults to configure the DNS base senibly. If it is false, the DNS base is left unconfigured, with no nameservers or options set. In the latter case the DNS base should be configured manually, e.g. with EventDnsBase::parseResolvConf().

If initialize is an integer, it must be one of the following flags:

Flag Beschreibung
EventDnsBase::DISABLE_WHEN_INACTIVE Do not prevent the libevent event loop from exiting when we have no active DNS requests.
EventDnsBase::INITIALIZE_NAMESERVERS Process the resolv.conf.
EventDnsBase::NAMESERVERS_NO_DEFAULT Do not add default nameserver if there are no nameservers in the resolv.conf.


If initialize has a type other than int|bool, a TypeError is thrown.

If the value of initialize is invalid, a EventException is thrown.


Version Beschreibung
PECL event 3.1.3 If initialize has a type other than int|bool, a TypeError is thrown.
PECL event 3.1.0RC1 The type of the initialize parameter has been changed from bool to mixed. The value can be either bool (preserving the previous meaning) or one of the following constants: EventDnsBase::DISABLE_WHEN_INACTIVE, EventDnsBase::INITIALIZE_NAMESERVERS, or EventDnsBase::NAMESERVERS_NO_DEFAULT.

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