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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

wddx_serialize_valueSerialisiert einen einzelnen Wert in ein WDDX-Paket


Diese Funktion wurde in PHP 7.4.0 ENTFERNT.


wddx_serialize_value(mixed $var, string $comment = ?): string

Erzeugt ein neues WDDX-Paket aus einem einzelnen angegebene Wert.



Der zu serialisierende Wert.


Eine optionale Kommentar-Zeichenkette, die im Paket-Header erscheint.


Gibt das WDDX-Paket zurück, oder im Fehlerfall false.

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chris at digitalbase dot com
21 years ago
When serializing JavaScript objects to interact with PHP objects, you should make the JavaScript object's first entry a php_class_name.

class myclass {
    var $name;
    var $age;
    var $ssn;
    function myclass() {
        $this->name = "";
        $this->age = "";
        $this->ssn = "";

// serialization example code is from the
// WDDX SDK http://www.openwddx.org
function SerializeMsg(name, age, ssn, ...) {
    var MyObj = new Object;
    // the following line is necessary in order
    // to deserialize back to a PHP object
    MyObj.php_class_name = "myclass";
    MyObj.name = name;
    MyObj.age = age;
    MyObj.ssn = ssn;
    // Create a new serializer "object" to do our work for us
    MySer = new WddxSerializer;

    // Serialize the Message variable into a WDDX Packet
    MyWDDXPacket = MySer.serialize(MyObj);

    // Output WDDX Packet so we can see what it looks like
    return MyWDDXPacket;

Now you can use this in a page which is its own form action:
// don't forget to include the class definition from above!
if (!isSet($wddx_packet))
$MyObj = new myclass();
$MyObj = wddx_deserialize($wddx_packet);

<script language="JavaScript">
function Init() {
    // sets the form's text-elements
    tmp = document.MyForm;
    tmp.name.value = "<? echo $MyObj->name ?>";
    tmp.age.value = "<? echo $MyObj->age ?>";
    tmp.ssn.value = "<? echo $MyObj->ssn ?>";

function SerializeMsg(name, age, ssn, ...) {
// see above!

function SubmitForm() {
    // sumbits the form
    tmp = document.MyForm;
    tmp.wddx_packet.value =
    SerializeMsg(tmp.name.value, tmp.age.value, tmp.ssn.value,...);
// -->
<form name="MyForm"
action="<? echo $PHP_SELF ?>" method="post">
<input name="wddx_packet" type="hidden">
<input name="name" type="text">
<input name="age" type="text">
<input name="ssn" type="text">
<input name="SubmitBtn" type="button" onclick="SumbitForm()">

If you don't provide that first 'php_class_name' in the JavaScript function, then when PHP deserializes it will deserialize into an associative array and not an object instance.

Note that this provides a way to maintain state without
using sessions or cookies - just good old HTML!

Hope this helps!
Chris Hansen
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