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(PECL wincache >= 1.0.0)

wincache_fcache_meminfo Retrieves information about file cache memory usage


wincache_fcache_meminfo(): array|false

Retrieves information about memory usage by file cache.


Diese Funktion besitzt keine Parameter.


Array of meta data about file cache memory usage Bei einem Fehler wird false zurückgegeben.

The array returned by this function contains the following elements:

  • memory_total - amount of memory in bytes allocated for the file cache
  • memory_free - amount of free memory in bytes available for the file cache
  • num_used_blks - number of memory blocks used by the file cache
  • num_free_blks - number of free memory blocks available for the file cache
  • memory_overhead - amount of memory in bytes used for the file cache internal structures


Beispiel #1 A wincache_fcache_meminfo() example


Das oben gezeigte Beispiel erzeugt folgende Ausgabe:

    [memory_total] => 134217728
    [memory_free] => 131339120
    [num_used_blks] => 361
    [num_free_blks] => 3
    [memory_overhead] => 5856

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