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Das Verhalten dieser Funktionen wird durch Einstellungen in der php.ini beeinflusst.

openssl Konfigurationsoptionen
Name Standard Veränderbar Changelog
openssl.cafile "" INI_PERDIR  
openssl.capath "" INI_PERDIR  
Weitere Details und die Definitionen der INI_*-Konstanten sind unter Wo Konfigurationseinstellungen gesetzt werden können zu finden.

Hier eine kurze Erklärung der Konfigurationsoptionen:

openssl.cafile string

Location of Certificate Authority file on local filesystem which should be used with the verify_peer context option to authenticate the identity of the remote peer.

openssl.capath string

If cafile is not specified or if the certificate is not found there, the directory pointed to by capath is searched for a suitable certificate. capath must be a correctly hashed certificate directory.

See also the SSL stream context options.

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

mmi at uhb-consulting dot de
5 years ago
in capath the Certificates must be placed with the certificates hash as name and .0 as Ending.

Here is how to get the hashes from Certificates lying in this folder and automatically rename them in a correct way:
if (!empty(
$capathDirectory = dir($paths['ini_capath']);
while (
false !== ($entry = $capathDirectory->read())) {
if (
file_exists( $Sourcefile)){
$path_parts = pathinfo($Sourcefile);
if (
$ParsedCertificatePbject = openssl_x509_parse(file_get_contents($Sourcefile));
$Sourcefile= $ParsedCertificatePbject["hash"].".0";
$TargetFilename = dirname($Sourcefile)."/".$Sourcefile;
if (!
file_exists($TargetFilename)) {
rename ($Sourcefile ,$TargetFilename);
ofrick at bluewin dot ch
5 years ago
above code should be corrected to:

$Destfile= $ParsedCertificatePbject["hash"].".0";
$TargetFilename = dirname($Sourcefile)."/".$Destfile;
mmi at uhb-consulting dot de
5 years ago
Hashed directory bedeutet die Dateinamen müssen mit dem Openssl hash, den ihr mittels openssl_x509_parse im Wert hash bekommt (Name) + die Dateiendung 0.
Bei doppelten HASH werten wird die Dateiendung incrementiert.
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