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WinCache Session Handler

The WinCache session handler (available since WinCache 1.1.0) can be used to configure PHP to store the session data in shared memory session cache. Using shared memory instead of the default file session storage helps improve performance of PHP applications that store large amount of data in session objects. Wincache session cache uses file-backed shared memory, which ensures that the session data is not lost during recycling of IIS application pools.

To configure PHP to use WinCache session handler set the php.ini setting session.save_handler to wincache. By default the Windows temporary file location is used for storing the session data. To change the location of the session file use session.save_path directive.

Beispiel #1 Enabling WinCache session handler

session.save_handler = wincache
session.save_path = C:\inetpub\temp\session\

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User Contributed Notes 2 notes

sethm at uoregon dot edu
13 years ago
Just as an fyi to anyone who has similar issues. WinCache v1.1.x would not write sessions to files under certain conditions. This means that all sessions are lost whenever an app-pool recycle occur. Here is the work around:

If your app-pool name has periods (.) in it, change them to underscores (_). So an app-pool named should be renamed to www_somesite_com.

You can see the discussion here:
some at email dot com
12 years ago
IF you use Apache and Session not work add to FCGID

DefaultInitEnv APP_POOL_ID "DefaultAppPool"
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