Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.

F_DUPFD (int)

F_GETFD (int)

F_GETFL (int)

F_GETLK (int)

F_GETOWN (int)

F_RDLCK (int)

F_SETFL (int)

F_SETLK (int)

F_SETLKW (int)

F_SETOWN (int)

F_UNLCK (int)

F_WRLCK (int)

O_APPEND (int)

O_ASYNC (int)

O_CREAT (int)

O_EXCL (int)

O_NDELAY (int)

O_NOCTTY (int)


O_RDONLY (int)

O_RDWR (int)

O_SYNC (int)

O_TRUNC (int)

O_WRONLY (int)

S_IRGRP (int)

S_IROTH (int)

S_IRUSR (int)

S_IRWXG (int)

S_IRWXO (int)

S_IRWXU (int)

S_IWGRP (int)

S_IWOTH (int)

S_IWUSR (int)

S_IXGRP (int)

S_IXOTH (int)

S_IXUSR (int)

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