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(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8)

DOMImplementation::hasFeature Test if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature


public DOMImplementation::hasFeature(string $feature, string $version): bool

Test if the DOM implementation implements a specific feature.

You can find a list of all features in the » Conformance section of the DOM specification.



The feature to test.


The version number of the feature to test. In level 2, this can be either 2.0 or 1.0.

Return Values

Returns true on success or false on failure.


Prior to PHP 8.0.0 this method could be called statically, but would issue an E_DEPRECATED error. As of PHP 8.0.0 calling this method statically throws an Error exception


Example #1 Testing your DOM Implementation


= array(
'Core'           => 'Core module',
'XML'            => 'XML module',
'HTML'           => 'HTML module',
'Views'          => 'Views module',
'Stylesheets'    => 'Style Sheets module',
'CSS'            => 'CSS module',
'CSS2'           => 'CSS2 module',
'Events'         => 'Events module',
'UIEvents'       => 'User interface Events module',
'MouseEvents'    => 'Mouse Events module',
'MutationEvents' => 'Mutation Events module',
'HTMLEvents'     => 'HTML Events module',
'Range'          => 'Range module',
'Traversal'      => 'Traversal module'
foreach (
$features as $key => $name) {
  if (
DOMImplementation::hasFeature($key'2.0')) {
"Has feature $name\n";
  } else {
"Missing feature $name\n";


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