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(PHP 7 >= 7.4.0, PHP 8)

FFI::scopeInstantiates an FFI object with C declarations parsed during preloading


public static FFI::scope(string $name): FFI

Instantiates an FFI object with C declarations parsed during preloading.

The FFI::scope() method is safe to call multiple times for the same scope. Multiple references to the same scope may be loaded at the same time.



The scope name defined by a special FFI_SCOPE define.

Return Values

Returns the freshly created FFI object.

See Also

  • FFI::load() - Loads C declarations from a C header file

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mh at hanft dot de
7 months ago
I have found out that FFI::scope only works with Apache when you select Apache's threading model "prefork". Using any other threading model results in "scope not found" (and you have to use FFI::load instead because preloading seems not to be possible in this case).
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