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(PHP 8)

PhpToken::getTokenNameReturns the name of the token.


public PhpToken::getTokenName(): ?string

Returns the name of the token.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

An ASCII character for single-char tokens, or one of T_* constant names for known tokens (see List of Parser Tokens), or null for unknown tokens.


Example #1 PhpToken::getTokenName() example

// known token
$token = new PhpToken(T_ECHO'echo');
var_dump($token->getTokenName());   // -> string(6) "T_ECHO"

// single-char token
$token = new PhpToken(ord(';'), ';');
var_dump($token->getTokenName());   // -> string(1) ";"

// unknown token
$token = new PhpToken(10000 "\0");
var_dump($token->getTokenName());   // -> NULL

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