(PECL rar >= 0.1)

RarEntry::getUnpackedSizeGet unpacked size of the entry


public RarEntry::getUnpackedSize(): int

Get unpacked size of the archive entry.


Note that on platforms with 32-bit longs (that includes Windows x64), the maximum size returned is capped at 2 GiB. Check the constant PHP_INT_MAX.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns the unpacked size, or false on error.


Version Description
PECL rar 2.0.0 This method now returns correct values of unpacked sizes bigger than 2 GiB on platforms with 64-bit ints and never returns negative values on other platforms.

Return Values

Example #1 RarEntry::getUnpackedSize() example


= rar_open('example.rar') or die("Failed to open Rar archive");

$entry = rar_entry_get($rar_file, 'Dir/file.txt') or die("Failed to find such entry");

"Unpacked size of " . $entry->getName() . " = " . $entry->getPackedSize() . " bytes";


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