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(PECL luasandbox >= 1.0.0)

LuaSandbox::callFunctionCall a function in a Lua global variable


public LuaSandbox::callFunction(string $name, mixed ...$args): array|bool

Calls a function in a Lua global variable.

If the name contains "." characters, the function is located via recursive table accesses, as if the name were a Lua expression.

If the variable does not exist, or is not a function, false will be returned and a warning issued.

For more information about calling Lua functions and the return values, see LuaSandboxFunction::call().

Liste de paramètres


Lua variable name.


Arguments to the function.

Valeurs de retour

Returns an array of values returned by the Lua function, which may be empty, ou false si une erreur survient.


Exemple #1 Calling a Lua function


// create a new LuaSandbox
$sandbox = new LuaSandbox();

// Call Lua's string.match
$captures = $sandbox->callFunction( 'string.match', $string, $pattern );


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