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mysqli_stmt::send_long_data -- mysqli_stmt_send_long_dataEnvoie des données MySQL par paquets


Style orienté objet

public mysqli_stmt::send_long_data(int $param_num, string $data): bool

Style procédural

mysqli_stmt_send_long_data(mysqli_stmt $statement, int $param_num, string $data): bool

Envoie les données au serveur par paquets, si la taille des données excède la limite de max_allowed_packet. Cette fonction peut être appelée plusieurs fois pour envoyer les données textes ou binaires de champs comme les BLOB ou TEXT.

Liste de paramètres


Style procédural uniquement : Un objet mysqli_stmt retourné par la fonction mysqli_stmt_init().


Indique quel paramètre doit être associé avec quelles données. Les paramètres sont numérotés à partir de 0.


Une chaîne de caractères contenant les données à envoyer.

Valeurs de retour

Cette fonction retourne true en cas de succès ou false si une erreur survient.


Exemple #1 Style orienté objet

= $mysqli->prepare("INSERT INTO messages (message) VALUES (?)");
$null = NULL;
$stmt->bind_param("b", $null);
$fp = fopen("messages.txt", "r");
while (!
feof($fp)) {
$stmt->send_long_data(0, fread($fp, 8192));

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User Contributed Notes 4 notes

4 years ago
If you are trying to write a single field which is above max_allowed_packet then this function will not help you (contrary to what the documentation example seems to show above).

Parameters in MySQL are still restricted by max_allowed_packet on a per-field basis so you will get an error like:

“mysqli_sql_exception: Parameter of prepared statement which is set through mysql_send_long_data() is longer than 'max_long_data_size' bytes”

The only real use case for this function seems to be if you are writing multiple long fields which when combined would go over max_allowed_packet.
Gustavo Narea
18 years ago
Just in case:

'max_allowed_packet' is a MySQL variable; it is not a PHP function/variable/constant.

Further info:

3 years ago
To ChrisH's note, you must call this function multiple times with the same $param_nr, to send the first max_allowed_packet bytes, then the next, and so on. So you might need to do a for loop over changing substr() indexes, or etc.
lussnig at smcc dot de
18 years ago
send_long_data() these function is normaly used to store Data in Binary blob field. But if the table is UTF8 and connection charset it does not expect binary data (for example images) it take utf8 Data.
This mean you have to do utf8_encode bevore sending binary data.
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