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(PHP 8)

PDOStatement::getIteratorGets result set iterator


public PDOStatement::getIterator(): Iterator


Cette fonction est actuellement non documentée ; seule la liste des arguments est disponible.

Liste de paramètres

Cette fonction ne contient aucun paramètre.

Valeurs de retour

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berxudar at gmail dot com
4 months ago
This method converts a PDOStatement object into an Iterator object, making it convenient for iterating over the result set of the PDOStatement. The returned Iterator represents each row of the result set.

Return Value:
Returns an Iterator representing the PDOStatement object.

// Establish a database connection
$pdo = new PDO('mysql:host=localhost;dbname=mydatabase', 'username', 'password');

// Prepare and execute an SQL query
$stmt = $pdo->query('SELECT * FROM mytable');

// Convert PDOStatement to an Iterator
$iterator = $stmt->getIterator();

// Process the result set using a loop
foreach ($iterator as $row) {
// $row represents a row of the result set

// Close the PDOStatement and the connection
$stmt = null;
$pdo = null;
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