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(PECL rnp >= 0.1.1)

rnp_op_verify_detachedVerify detached signatures


rnp_op_verify_detached(RnpFFI $ffi, string $data, string $signature): array|false



The FFI object returned by rnp_ffi_create.


Source data.


Detached signature data.


An associative array with information about verification results失敗した場合に false を返します.

Key Data type 説明
"verification_status" string Overall verification result, either "Success" string or appropriate error message. "Success" result is set when at least one signature is valid and successfully verified. Individual verification results for each signature can be checked in the "signatures" array.
"file_name" string File name.
"file_mtime" integer File modification time.
"mode" string Data protection (encryption) mode used in processed message. Currently defined values are "none", "cfb", "cfb-mdc", "aead-ocb", "aead-eax".
"cipher" string Symmetric cipher used for data encryption.
"valid_integrity" boolean true if message integrity protection was used (i.e. MDC or AEAD) and it was validated successfully.
"signatures" array An associative array describing each signature found. See description below.

"signatures" sub-array.

Key Data type 説明
"verification_status" string Signature verification status, either "Success" string or appropriate error message.
"creation_time" integer Signature creation time in seconds since Jan, 1 1970 UTC.
"expiration_time" integer Signature expiration time in seconds since the creation time or 0 if signature never expires.
"hash" string Hash function algorithm used to calculate the signature.
"signing_key" string Fingerprint of the key used for signing. Could be "Not found" if corresponding public key is not loaded to the FFI object.
"signature_type" string Signature type. Currently defined values are: 'binary', 'text', 'standalone', 'certification (generic)', 'certification (persona)', 'certification (casual)', 'certification (positive)', 'subkey binding', 'primary key binding', 'direct', 'key revocation', 'subkey revocation', 'certification revocation', 'timestamp', 'uknown: 0..255'.
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