(wkhtmltox >= 0.1.0)

wkhtmltox\PDF\Converter::__constructCreate a new PDF converter


public wkhtmltox\PDF\Converter::__construct(array $settings = ?)

Creates a PDF converter, using optional configuration settings



Name Description Values Changelog
size.pageSize paper size of output document A4 >= 0.1.0
size.width with of the output document 210mm >= 0.1.0
size.height height of the output document 297mm >= 0.1.0
orientation orientation of the output document
>= 0.1.0
colorMode color mode of the output document
>= 0.1.0
resolution resoluition of the output document most likely has no effect >= 0.1.0
dpi dpi to use while printing 80 >= 0.1.0
pageOffset integer added to page numbers generating headers, footers, and toc   >= 0.1.0
copies     >= 0.1.0
collate collate copies boolean >= 0.1.0
outline generate PDF outline boolean >= 0.1.0
outlineDepth maximum depth of outline   >= 0.1.0
dumpOutline path of file to dump outline XML   >= 0.1.0
out path of output file, if "-" stdout is used   >= 0.1.0
documentTitle title for the output document   >= 0.1.0
useCompression enable or disable lossless compression boolean >= 0.1.0
margin.top size of the top margin 2cm >= 0.1.0
margin.bottom size of the bottom margin 2cm >= 0.1.0
margin.left size of the left margin 2cm >= 0.1.0
margin.right size of the right margin 2cm >= 0.1.0
imageDPI maximum DPI for images in the output document   >= 0.1.0
imageQuality the jpeg compression factor for images in the output document 94 >= 0.1.0
load.cookieJar path of file used to load and store cookies /tmp/cookies.txt >= 0.1.0

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