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(PECL zmq >= 0.5.0)

ZMQSocket::__constructConstruct a new ZMQSocket


public ZMQSocket::__construct(
    ZMQContext $context,
    int $type,
    string $persistent_id = null,
    callable $on_new_socket = null

Constructs a ZMQSocket object. persistent_id parameter can be used to allocated a persistent socket. A persistent socket has to be allocated from a persistent context and it stays connected over multiple requests. The persistent_id parameter can be used to recall the same socket over multiple requests. The on_new_socket is called only when a new underlying socket structure is created.



ZMQContext object.


The socket type. See ZMQ::SOCKET_* constants.


If persistent_id is specified the socket will be persisted over multiple requests. If context is not persistent the socket falls back to non-persistent mode.


Callback function, which is executed when a new socket structure is created. This function does not get invoked if the underlying persistent connection is re-used.

callback(ZMQSocket $socket, string $persistent_id = null)

エラー / 例外

Throws ZMQSocketException on error.

例1 A ZMQSocket() example

Using callback the bind/connect socket


The socket is persistent so this function is called only on the
first request to the script.
function on_new_socket_cb(ZMQSocket $socket, $persistent_id = null)
if (
$persistent_id === 'server') {
} else {

/* Allocate a new context */
$context = new ZMQContext();

/* Create a new socket */
$socket = $context->getSocket(ZMQ::SOCKET_REP, 'server', 'on_new_socket_cb');

$message = $socket->recv();
"Received message: {$message}\n";

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