The MongoDB\Driver\Session class

(mongodb >=1.4.0)


The MongoDB\Driver\Session class represents a client session and is returned by MongoDB\Driver\Manager::startSession(). Commands, queries, and write operations may then be associated the session.

Resumo da classe

final class MongoDB\Driver\Session {
/* Constantes */
const string TRANSACTION_NONE = none;
const string TRANSACTION_STARTING = starting;
const string TRANSACTION_IN_PROGRESS = in_progress;
const string TRANSACTION_COMMITTED = committed;
const string TRANSACTION_ABORTED = aborted;
/* Métodos */
final public abortTransaction(): void
final public advanceClusterTime(array|object $clusterTime): void
final public commitTransaction(): void
final private __construct()
final public endSession(): void
final public getClusterTime(): ?object
final public getLogicalSessionId(): object
final public getTransactionState(): string
final public isDirty(): bool
final public isInTransaction(): bool
final public startTransaction(?array $options = null): void

Constantes pré-definidas


There is no transaction in progress.


A transaction has been started, but no operation has been sent to the server.


A transaction is in progress.


The transaction was committed.


The transaction was aborted.


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