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mysql_free_resultFree result memory


Esta extensão tornou-se defasada a partir do PHP 5.5.0 e foi removida no PHP 7.0.0. Em vez disso, as extensões MySQLi ou PDO_MySQL devem ser usadas. Veja também o guia MySQL: escolhendo uma API. Alternativas a esta função incluem:


mysql_free_result(resource $result): bool

mysql_free_result() will free all memory associated with the result identifier result.

mysql_free_result() only needs to be called if you are concerned about how much memory is being used for queries that return large result sets. All associated result memory is automatically freed at the end of the script's execution.



O resource do resultado que está sendo avaliado. Este resultado vem de uma chamada a mysql_query().

Valor Retornado

Retorna true em caso de sucesso ou false em caso de falha.

If a non-resource is used for the result, an error of level E_WARNING will be emitted. It's worth noting that mysql_query() only returns a resource for SELECT, SHOW, EXPLAIN, and DESCRIBE queries.


Exemplo #1 A mysql_free_result() example

= mysql_query("SELECT id,email FROM people WHERE id = '42'");
if (!
$result) {
'Could not run query: ' . mysql_error();
/* Use the result, assuming we're done with it afterwards */
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);

/* Now we free up the result and continue on with our script */




Para compatibilidade com versões anteriores, o seguinte apelido defasado pode ser usado: mysql_freeresult()

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User Contributed Notes 3 notes

webmaster at bluesting dot co dot za
13 years ago
mysql_query() also returns a resource for "OPTIMIZE TABLE" statements!
admin at ifyouwantblood dot de
16 years ago
yes this function may increase the memory usage if you use unbuffered querys and if you have not fetched all the data from mysql. in this case the mysql api has a problem: you want to free the result but do not want to close the connection. now mysql will only accept another query if all data has been fetched, so the api now must fetch the rest of the data when calling mysql_free_result().

so only use unbuffered querys if you fetch all the data (and need it).
17 years ago
If you're seeing warnings like "Warning: Unknown: 6 result set(s) not freed. Use mysql_free_result to free result sets which were requested using mysql_query() in Unknown on line 0" and want to turn them off, set mysql.trace_mode = Off in your php.ini
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