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(mongodb >=1.0.0)

MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult::getModifiedCountReturns the number of existing documents updated


final public MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult::getModifiedCount(): ?int

If the update operation results in no change to the document (e.g. setting the value of a field to its current value), the modified count may be less than the value returned by MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult::getMatchedCount().


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

Returns the number of existing documents updated, or null if the write was not acknowledged.

The modified count is not available on versions of MongoDB before 2.6, which used the legacy wire protocol version (i.e. OP_UPDATE). If this is the case, the modified count will also be null.



Exemplo #1 MongoDB\Driver\WriteResult::getModifiedCount() example


= new MongoDB\Driver\Manager;

$bulk = new MongoDB\Driver\BulkWrite;
$bulk->insert(['x' => 1]);
$bulk->update(['x' => 1], ['$set' => ['y' => 3]]);
$bulk->update(['x' => 2], ['$set' => ['y' => 1]], ['upsert' => true]);
$bulk->update(['x' => 3], ['$set' => ['y' => 2]], ['upsert' => true]);
$bulk->delete(['x' => 1]);

$result = $manager->executeBulkWrite('db.collection', $bulk);



O exemplo acima produzirá:


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