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PharData::setMetadataSets phar archive meta-data


public PharData::setMetadata(mixed $metadata): void


Este método requer que a configuração phar.readonly do php.ini seja definida como 0 para funcionar com objetos Phar. Caso contrário, uma exceção PharException será lançada.

Phar::setMetadata() should be used to store customized data that describes something about the phar archive as a complete entity. PharFileInfo::setMetadata() should be used for file-specific meta-data. Meta-data can slow down the performance of loading a phar archive if the data is large.

Some possible uses for meta-data include specifying which file within the archive should be used to bootstrap the archive, or the location of a file manifest like » PEAR's package.xml file. However, any useful data that describes the phar archive may be stored.



Any PHP variable containing information to store that describes the phar archive

Valor Retornado

Nenhum valor é retornado.


Exemplo #1 A Phar::setMetadata() example

// make sure it doesn't exist
try {
$p = new Phar(dirname(__FILE__) . '/brandnewphar.phar', 0, 'brandnewphar.phar');
$p['file.php'] = '<?php echo "hello"';
$p->setMetadata(array('bootstrap' => 'file.php'));
} catch (
Exception $e) {
'Could not create and/or modify phar:', $e;

O exemplo acima produzirá:

array(1) {
  string(8) "file.php"

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