(PECL quickhash >= Unknown)

QuickHashIntHash::saveToStringThis method returns a serialized version of the hash


public QuickHashIntHash::saveToString(): string

This method returns a serialized version of the hash in the same format that QuickHashIntHash::loadFromString() can read.


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

This method returns a string containing a serialized format of the hash. Each element is stored as a four byte value in the Endianness that the current system uses.


Exemplo #1 QuickHashIntHash::saveToString() example

= new QuickHashIntHash( 1024 );
var_dump( $hash->exists( 4 ) );
var_dump( $hash->add( 4, 34 ) );
var_dump( $hash->exists( 4 ) );
var_dump( $hash->add( 4, 55 ) );

var_dump( $hash->saveToString() );

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