(PHP 5 >= 5.1.2, PHP 7, PHP 8)

ReflectionParameter::isArrayChecks if parameter expects an array


Esta função tornou-se DEFASADA a partir do PHP 8.0.0. O uso desta função é fortemente desencorajado.

See the example below for an alternative way to derive this information.


public ReflectionParameter::isArray(): bool

Checks if the parameter expects an array.


Esta função não possui parâmetros.

Valor Retornado

true if an array is expected, false otherwise.


Exemplo #1 PHP 8.0.0 equivalent

As of PHP 8.0.0, the following code will report if a type declares arrays, including as part of a union.

function declaresArray(ReflectionParameter $reflectionParameter): bool
$reflectionType = $reflectionParameter->getType();

if (!
$reflectionType) return false;

$types = $reflectionType instanceof ReflectionUnionType
? $reflectionType->getTypes()
: [

in_array('array', array_map(fn(ReflectionNamedType $t) => $t->getName(), $types));

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