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(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)

SolrClient::optimizeDefragments the index


public SolrClient::optimize ([ int $maxSegments = 1 [, bool $softCommit = TRUE [, bool $waitSearcher = TRUE ]]] ) : SolrUpdateResponse

Defragments the index for faster search performance.

Список параметров


Optimizes down to at most this number of segments. Since Solr 1.3


This will refresh the 'view' of the index in a more performant manner, but without "on-disk" guarantees. (Solr4.0+)


Block until a new searcher is opened and registered as the main query searcher, making the changes visible.

Возвращаемые значения

Returns a SolrUpdateResponse on success or throws an exception on failure.


Throws SolrClientException if the client had failed, or there was a connection issue.

Throws SolrServerException if the Solr Server had failed to process the request.



PECL Solr >= 2.0 only supports Solr Server >= 4.0

Prior to PECL Solr 2.0 this method used to accept these arguments "int $maxSegments, bool $waitFlush, bool $waitSearcher".

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