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sqlsrv_send_stream_dataSends data from parameter streams to the server


sqlsrv_send_stream_data(resource $stmt): bool

Send data from parameter streams to the server. Up to 8 KB of data is sent with each call.

Bağımsız Değişkenler


A statement resource returned by sqlsrv_query() or sqlsrv_execute().

Dönen Değerler

Returns true if there is more data to send and false if there is not.


Örnek 1 sqlsrv_send_stream_data() example

= "serverName\sqlexpress";
$connectionInfo = array( "Database"=>"dbName", "UID"=>"username", "PWD"=>"password" );
$conn = sqlsrv_connect( $serverName, $connectionInfo);
$conn === false ) {
print_r( sqlsrv_errors(), true));

$sql = "UPDATE Table_1 SET data = ( ?) WHERE id = 100";

// Open parameter data as a stream and put it in the $params array.
$data = fopen( "data://text/plain,[ Lengthy content here. ]", "r");
$params = array( &$data);

// Prepare the statement. Use the $options array to turn off the
// default behavior, which is to send all stream data at the time of query
// execution.
$options = array("SendStreamParamsAtExec"=>0);
$stmt = sqlsrv_prepare( $conn, $sql, $params, $options);

sqlsrv_execute( $stmt);

// Send up to 8K of parameter data to the server
// with each call to sqlsrv_send_stream_data.
$i = 1;
sqlsrv_send_stream_data( $stmt)) {
"$i calls were made.";

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