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The tidy class

(PHP 5, PHP 7, PHP 8, PECL tidy >= 0.5.2)


An HTML node in an HTML file, as detected by tidy.


class tidy {
/* 属性 */
public ?string $errorBuffer = null;
public ?string $value = null;
/* 方法 */
public __construct(
    ?string $filename = null,
    array|string|null $config = null,
    ?string $encoding = null,
    bool $useIncludePath = false
public body(): ?tidyNode
public cleanRepair(): bool
public diagnose(): bool
public getConfig(): array
public getHtmlVer(): int
public getOpt(string $option): string|int|bool
public getOptDoc(string $option): string|false
public getRelease(): string
public getStatus(): int
public head(): ?tidyNode
public html(): ?tidyNode
public isXhtml(): bool
public isXml(): bool
public parseFile(
    string $filename,
    array|string|null $config = null,
    ?string $encoding = null,
    bool $useIncludePath = false
): bool
public parseString(string $string, array|string|null $config = null, ?string $encoding = null): bool
public static repairFile(
    string $filename,
    array|string|null $config = null,
    ?string $encoding = null,
    bool $useIncludePath = false
): string|false
public static repairString(string $string, array|string|null $config = null, ?string $encoding = null): string|false
public root(): ?tidyNode



The HTML representation of the node, including the surrounding tags.


  • tidy::body — Returns a tidyNode object starting from the <body> tag of the tidy parse tree
  • tidy::cleanRepair — Execute configured cleanup and repair operations on parsed markup
  • tidy::__construct — Constructs a new tidy object
  • tidy::diagnose — Run configured diagnostics on parsed and repaired markup
  • tidy::$errorBuffer — Return warnings and errors which occurred parsing the specified document
  • tidy::getConfig — Get current Tidy configuration
  • tidy::getHtmlVer — Get the Detected HTML version for the specified document
  • tidy::getOpt — Returns the value of the specified configuration option for the tidy document
  • tidy::getOptDoc — Returns the documentation for the given option name
  • tidy::getRelease — Get release date (version) for Tidy library
  • tidy::getStatus — Get status of specified document
  • tidy::head — Returns a tidyNode object starting from the <head> tag of the tidy parse tree
  • tidy::html — Returns a tidyNode object starting from the <html> tag of the tidy parse tree
  • tidy::isXhtml — Indicates if the document is a XHTML document
  • tidy::isXml — Indicates if the document is a generic (non HTML/XHTML) XML document
  • tidy::parseFile — Parse markup in file or URI
  • tidy::parseString — Parse a document stored in a string
  • tidy::repairFile — Repair a file and return it as a string
  • tidy::repairString — Repair a string using an optionally provided configuration file
  • tidy::root — Returns a tidyNode object representing the root of the tidy parse tree
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