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(PECL simdjson >= 2.0.0)

simdjson_key_existsCheck if the JSON contains the value referred to by a JSON pointer.


simdjson_key_exists(string $json, string $key, int $depth = ?): bool

Count the number of elements of the object/array found at the requested JSON pointer.



The json string being queried.


The JSON pointer string.


Maximum nesting depth of the structure being validated. The value must be greater than 0, and less than or equal to 2147483647. Callers should use reasonably small values, because larger depths require more buffer space and will increase the recursion depth, unlike the current json_decode() implementation.


When true, a SimdJsonException will be thrown instead of returning 0 when the value the JSON pointer points to is neither an object nor an array.


Returns true if the JSON pointer is valid and refers to a value found within a valid JSON string. Returns false if the JSON is valid but does not contain the JSON pointer.

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